For the Chief Engineer.

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The Money Pit Program Clock

Get The Money Pit program clock, includes satellite coordinates and contact numbers in one easy-to-post pdf file for your control room.

  • The program starts at 6:30 with a hard open and no space for local liner, promo, etc.
  • There’s a 10 second open window at the end of both of the 3 minute Network breaks, but no netcues.
  • There’s a 10 second open window at :34 and :54

The Money Pit Emergency Contacts

Should the unthinkable ever occur, the Money Pit team can be contacted as follows:

Saturday Feeds

Tech Support: 1-914-908-3210

Sunday Feeds

Studio: 1-202-408-0944, Extension 202

Production Studio

Jim Kenzie:
Office: 1-419-344-7900

Affiliate Relations

Skip Joeckel:
Office: 1-719-579-6676

Show Host

Tom Kraeutler:
Office: 1-732-663-1071