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The home improvement industry is a 271 billion dollar a year market that spends 434 million each year on radio advertising! The Money Pit helps your sales force tap into this cash cow! Both Tom and Leslie are well known home improvement experts. Tom and Leslie are a nationally known radio and television personalities and work dozens of other print and broadcast arenas. Tom is a regular on network news programs like MSNBC and CNN. Leslie’s winning performances on TLC’s “While You Were Out” have earned her a huge following. Plus they are the nation's ONLY male/female nationally syndicated home improvement radio team, and they can help your station's advertisers to capture the audience that's making 70% of all home improvement decisions - women!

Although broadcasting both hours of The Money Pit will give you optimum opportunity to sell the maximum amount of local advertising, you do not have to air both hours. Each hour of The Money Pit is produced as a self contained, 60 minute program, with separate opens/closes, etc.

Yes. To make sure your FM's don't get left off the buy, we've developed a short form feature called the "Money Pit Minutes," a FREE series of 30 second do-it-yourself tips structured as a donut with room for a 30 second spot. That's right - we said FREE. You sell them - you keep all the money. There are over 240 Money Pit Minutes pre-produced and ready to go, right now. By combining Money Pit Minutes with promo tags, sales teams across the country have told us this is the easiest "no brainer" sales incentive they've ever had to offer. Hear one Money Pit Minute right now!

Not one cent! The Money Pit comes to you on a barter basis. There is no cash cost.

There are up to 10.5 minutes of local avails per hour within the body of the show, plus another 6-minute local break at the top of the hour. See our clock for additional details. Do I need a board op to run the show? What happens if I have a technical problem receiving the show?

The Money Pit is fully automated and no board op is needed to air the show. Automated stations can receive the program with all breaks filled and 25 and 35 cycle inaudible tones/closures are provided. Plus as a Money pit Affiliate, you'll receive a series of emergency contact numbers should the unthinkable ever occur.

The Money Pit is America's fastest growing home improvement radio show and we do offer market exclusivity. Contact us to find out if your market is still available, before your competition does.

Yes! The Money Pit's website - MoneyPit.com - is an integral part of the show and contains thousands of pages of useful home improvement advice. We encourage e-mail questions from your listeners that are answered on-air, we offer articles, tips, and timely info and we provide links to related sites. Check it out for yourself! MoneyPit.com.

Yes. Money Pit affiliates often tap Tom's talent for handling local crisis issues. For example, when tornadoes ripped through Texas, or hurricanes hit the coastline, Tom was available to our affiliates and provided on-air expert advice to help the local audience.

It's very easy! Call Money Pit Affiliate Manager Skip Joeckel toll free at 1-888-263-1050 or email him at skip@moneypit.com. You can be airing The Money Pit - and generating lots of ad revenue - by this weekend!

Sorry…for the answer to that question, you'll have to sign up for The Money Pit and see for yourself!