Money Pit Minute

The Money Pit Minute Feature

In addition to our long-form programming, Money Pit Minutes are a great way to extend a weekend advertiser into your weekday rate structure. The Money Pit Minute is market-exclusive, and FREE, when you clear the long-form Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show on the weekend. Each Feature has an open, a space for a local commercial and then a close.

Run Money Pit Minutes on:

  • The station carrying the long-form Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show over the weekend. You'll expose your clients to your whole cume, in key dayparts. And those Money Pit Minutes will serve to promote The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show on weekends.
  • Have another AM station in your cluster? Money Pit Minutes allow you to bundle your Adult Standard or All-Sports station into the Home Improvement pitch. You can even include the FMs in your cluster. They're your Features, run them where and when you want.

The Money Pit Minute SOUNDS like an informative feature. But it's really commercial creative. Not just another makes money! The Money Pit Minute is a spot that will stand-out, and advantage its sponsor, via:

1. Focused Delivery:
The carefully worded tease is an attention grabber that mentally tunes-in potential Home Improvement shoppers.

2. Editorial Separation:
Be honest. How would YOU like to be the advertiser who paid for commercial #6 in a stop set? The Money Pit Minute puts it's sponsor's message in a PROGRAMMING context. Its "donut" format makes it more-than-just-another-commercial.

3. Editorial Association:
Since the show's hosts deliver the tips, advertisers get opportunities to associate directly with the talent, an inferred endorsement that many sponsors find attractive.

Remember, there's NO national spot, NO national sponsor billboard, and - someone in your traffic/business department will cheer out loud about this - NO affidavits for the Minutes. YOU sell it locally, and YOU keep the money.