Money Pit Tools for PD's

The Money Pit Program Clock

Get The Money Pit program clock, includes satellite coordinates and contact numbers in one easy-to-post pdf file for your control room.

  • The program starts at 6:30 with a hard open and no space for local liner, promo, etc.
  • There’s a 10 second open window at the end of both of the 3 minute Network breaks, but no netcues.
  • There’s a 10 second open window at :34 and :54

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The Money Pit Demos

  • Demos: Programming, Local Sales, National Sales & Money Pit Minute
  • Production Music: 888MoneyPit, Money Pit Bumper, Money Pit Punch, Money Pit Theme, Money Pit Theme , No Vocals & Pick Up the Phone
  • Promos: Add Value, Energy, Home For A While, ReFinance, Show Up, Yourself Alone, Energy, Sell House, Spruce Up, Free Advice, Questions, Cold Sweat, Do Or Direct, Magic Wand, OnOnOn, DripDrip & Spend

The Money Pit Demographics

Not just weekend warriors anymore, today’s home improvement audience is savvy, sophisticated and poised to spend money with your station’s advertisers.

  • Top Reasons Consumers Contact The Money Pit
  • The Money Pit Audience Frequently asks for Product Recomendations
  • The Money Pit Audience are Active Purchasers of Home Improvement Products
  • The Money Pit Audience are Do-It-Yourselfers

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The Money Pit Minute

Money Pit Minutes are a great way to extend a weekend advertiser into your weekday rate structure. The Money Pit Minute is market-exclusive, and FREE, when you clear the long-form Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show on the weekend. Each Feature has an open, a space for a local commercial and then a close.

And, FYI, On Our Promotion Page:

  • You can listen to, and download, promo MP3s, which you can customize.
  • There are also promo scripts (.doc files you can edit)...
  • AND a link to Email promo copy to Tom & Leslie.
  • And lots of other stuff to help you tell The Money Pit story on-air, and in your off-air promotion.

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