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Get The Money Pit Sales Manual

Your road map to Home Improvement $$$.

  • How weekends can be Talk Radio’s most-profitable daypart
  • Why Home Improvement is such a no-brainer cash cow
  • Why The Money Pit should be your Home Improvement Show
  • How to get music FMs, sister AMs, your web site on the Home Improvement buy
  • Which of your sales prospects benefit the most from advertising on The Money Pit
  • How to package The Money Pit long-form show and short-form vignette
  • Why you should NOT use duct tape on ducts!

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The Money Pit Demographics

Not just weekend warriors anymore, today’s home improvement audience is savvy, sophisticated and poised to spend money with your station’s advertisers.

  • Top Reasons Consumers Contact The Money Pit
  • The Money Pit Audience Frequently asks for Product Recomendations
  • The Money Pit Audience are Active Purchasers of Home Improvement Products
  • The Money Pit Audience are Do-It-Yourselfers

The Money Pit Minute

Money Pit Minutes are a great way to extend a weekend advertiser into your weekday rate structure. The Money Pit Minute is market-exclusive, and FREE, when you clear the long-form Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show on the weekend. Each Feature has an open, a space for a local commercial and then a close.

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For Affiliates Only

Lot’s more behind the password! Register to get your user name and password so you'll have access to our “for-affiliates-only” area online, such as a customizable PowerPoint Sales Presentation that your sales staff can use to sell The Money Pit. This is also where you can download our popular short-form Money Pit Minute audio.