Tip of the Day

Welcome to The Money Pit's FREE Tip of the Day NTR Tool!

Get new content on your web site every day, and we do all the work. Your Tip-of-the-Day automatically updates. So you've got a more-compelling invitation for listeners to visit than lame "CHECK OUT OUR WEB SITE" promo copy your competitor is airing.

In less than a minute, your webmaster can install The Money Pit Tip-of-the-Day. Just pick the size tip you'd like and copy-and-paste the code below.

Like The Money Pit Minute, there's NO national advertiser. Sell it locally, and YOU keep the money.

Just paste a local sponsor logo next to it, and you're good to go.


1. Select your prefered width:

2. Add the following line to any page on your website:

And you're done! See above for it will look like on your website!